Payment options Option 2 : $200.00 USD - monthly Option 4 : $10.00 USD - monthly


Teaching should be something that students thoroughly enjoy working on.  Learning must be an exciting adventure into the language of music.
I teach…

    1.  Principles as opposed to rules.
    2.  The Classics; Chopin, Beethoven,
    3.  A variety of music: Ragtime, Gospel, popular
    4.  Theory, including ear-training, and improvisation

I offer students opportunities to perform in public, and to prepare for International Piano Competitions.  I focus however, on teaching students to play the piano enjoyably.  
I provide the most up-to-date piano study available.  My rate is $75 per hour payable by the month, either at my studio, your home or via Skype.  Call me for an interview at (808)292-0833.  No charge of course!